Dedicated to LDR. Thanks to Flip – this wouldn´t have been possible without you.

This is my first solo album and the most personal piece of music I´ve ever created. I was on my own with my limited musical and lyrical skills combined with a great portion of doubt, if that record is a good enough idea at all. However the process of writing, playing recording, hating and loving it simply helped me to not completely loose my mind and my already very brittle believe in mankind.  


Written and recorded at the Office and the shores of Sherkin by Sebastian ‚Pac‘ Becker in 2023. Mixed and mastered by Philipp ‚Flip‘ Schwetschenau at audiophil music production in 2023. Drums edited by Flip. Layout and design by Pac.

Track 7 written by Thursday. Original song „Thursday – This Song Brought To You By A Falling Bomb“ from their 2003 record „War All The Time“. Covered by Pac And The Unseeable.

Track 8 written by Buffalo Tom. Original song „Buffalo Tom – Late At Night“ from their 1993 record „Big Red Letter Day“. Covered by Pac And The Unseeable.

No animals were harmed during the production of this record.


September 10th, 2023